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Communicating with Dave

30 June - 2016 - by Rosa Cilliers
We have all probably read a bunch of articles about how important communication and feedback is in the coach / athlete relationship. When I started out in triathlon, coming from a non-sporting background, I always thought that one-on-one time was reserved for the elite racing snakes.

I was a mere mortal who like to have fun training in groups. And I definitely did not want any individual attention, I just wanted to blend in. To me victory meant looking like I belong in this group of super-toned and fit-looking triathletes, or at least not stand out too much!

This type of thinking is so wrong. Dave loves hearing from all of us. And actually getting feedback from us middle of the packers helps to make him a better coach too. The better he understands you and what you enjoy, the more he can create a plan that will work for you. Contrary to popular belief, he does not want us to suffer more than we need to!

So hereunder are some coach tips, not coaching tips, but rather some inside information on how to get the fastest responses from Dave – because each of us have our own preferred method of communication and Bacon Boy is no different.

Do not send him an email.

Unless you really have to or have a super long message.When I first started out and thought about signing up I sent Dave a long email asking whether he thinks I can do 70.3.That was July 2013, I am still waiting on my reply. We all have our strengths and prompt responding to email is just not one of his (but we love him anyway).

Whatsapp is the best!

Dave loves Whatsapp and is obsessively checking it.He hates seeing that little red bubble on his phone that tells him he has an unread Whatsapp. So you can be rest assured that your message will be read ASAP.Although, he does not always have time to respond immediately (although adding a funny comment or insult may urge him along) .Which brings us to the next tip.

Dave is OCD about responding to Whatsapps from the top.

So, if you have not received a response within 24 hours, send him a smiley face (or an angry one if you are so inclined). This will send your message to the top of the list!

Go to track.

Yes, only truly weird people love track, but nothing beats face to face conversation for immediate feedback.And the stop / start nature of track is perfect for some quick Q&A time.Or wait until the end of track and chat to him during / after cooldown.

Make a date.

Dave is very happy to go over your program and meet for coffee should you need to have a longer conversation.

I know some athletes prefer to just go with the flow, get their program and do their thing. But if you have any questions or uncertainties whatsoever, send that Whatsapp!