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Happy Twenty A-Team to all my awesome Wingman Peeps!

13 April - 2018
Happy Twenty A-Team to all my awesome Wingman Peeps!

I'm trying to not sound like a mass forwarded message throwing a whole lot of ‘new year, new me’ nonsense at
you... But I am going to!

2017 was a huge year for Wingman, both in business growth and athlete success.

On the business side, Stephan and I added 2 new coaches:

Zane du Randt - Ironman Certified Coach who is running our Bloemfontein Branch

Donovan Stoop - TrainingPeaks Online Coach working under me

On the athlete side, we had some incredible results and accomplishments:

Many first time Half and Full Ironman finishers
Some impressive Half and Full Ironman Personal Bests with 2 athletes finishing IMSA under 10 hours and
qualifying for 70.3 World Champs
Comrades Marathon finishers
Many first time Half and Full Marathon finishers
Obstacle Course Race winner
500km Cross Canada Adventure Racer
Some crazy swimmers swimming the length of the Bazaruto Island with 1 qualifying for the English Channel
Junior WP Mountain Bike Colours and a few first time multi-day race finishers
Trail race wins and lots of multi-day race finishers
A lady who ran her first 10km race
A guy who conquered his first open water swim
A retiring couple who are going to race their first Cape Town Cycling Tour on a tandem together

We love to celebrate the result but the accomplishment is setting the goal and making sure you achieve it.
So here comes the ‘new year, new me’ stuff...

This year:

1. Set the big goal. And if the goal is set. Set out the exact objective for that goal (‘just to finish’ is allowed but put
a number to it...).
2. Get your friends and family on board. Maybe challenge them to join you?
3. Please ensure that the goal fits the balance of your life!
4. Email your coach with that goal and make sure the plan and program are on track for it.
5. Bug your coach weekly! Whatsapp him. Lots. Analyse workouts. Ask questions. Adjust the program. You pay
for the service. Abuse it!

Endurance sport should be an enhancement to your life. The body LOVES it. The mind LOVES it. The waistline
To do well at endurance sport one needs consistency in training. Slowly building towards your goal.
Progressively loading the body block by block.
It does need to be a 20 hour training week every week.

Work with your coach to figure out what will work best for you! The less we have to guess... The easier the
process becomes!

Have a great 2018. That is all. Bye.