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Mastering the Fourth

1 June - 2018 - by Dave Sullivan

No one in triathlon should be giving away time. No matter what your target, why give away free minutes when you train so hard to make up time? The key to mastering the fourth discipline (aka transition) is focusing on the bare necessities. This does not mean sprinting from water to bike like an ITU athlete – it means practicing the fourth discipline, just as you would practice a swim, a bike or a run. So how does one keep it short, simple and smooth? Practise and visualise your sequence is the first step to a good transition. We have a checklist and tips for the athletes who are new to transition and then for those athletes who are ready for the next steps to a quick transition.

Click Here to read our Newbie Transition Guide
(Getting the through transition without forgetting where your bags and bike are and without falling on your face).

Click Here to read our Pro-Wannabee Transition Guide
(You know the basics, but want to get through transition as quick as possible with least amount of effort and some neat tricks).

Final pearls of wisdom

  • Practise looking awesome for photos while doing the above.
  • Practise trying to remember your coach telling you that the 1st kilometer is your slowest kilometer
  • Fast transitions are like tumbleturns… One doesn’t need to do them BUT they do make one look awesome when you do!

And finally, if you are bored in a line - waiting somewhere for service - read some further insights.