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Tired....or lazy?

13 April - 2018 - by Wingman
Hi Peeps

First up, my apologies for delayed replies to messages and emails... I'm on my annual post Half Ironman holiday
(or retraction from society as I like to call it)!

Email 6 of 52... A well timed one I think!

Ironman guys are hitting peak load...
Runners are in marathon season...
Cycle races are starting to happen every weekend...
I even have swimmers building towards 5, 8 and 16 mile races!

So, we all have a morning alarm that we snooze 4 times before we actually open our eyes. Endurance sport
means early mornings. It is a suffering we all endure. Sleep-ins are the first thing we acknowledge when we list
our sacrifices made towards achieving our goal. It's a constant battle with ourselves to find any reason why not to get up.


It is not just mornings. It's also the afternoon/evening session. Long day of work. Long day of driving. Long day of people irritating you. You get home, Masterchef is on, the beer is cold, the couch is comfy, the wife is nagging,
the kids are calling you by your first name and then BOOM! You’ve now slept in and missed your morning
session and then gotten home and missed your evening session.

Life happens. We are not professional athletes. This sport is our hobby. The odd sleep in or evening on the
couch will not affect the season. Laziness happens to the best of us.


If you are struggling with the above and can’t tell if you're being lazy or are feeling tired (fatigued)... you can just
follow your heart!!!

Your RESTING HEART RATE is a MASSIVE indicator of your body’s ability to recover! It is a perfect snapshot of
how your heart is functioning!

And all it takes is 60 seconds to measure!

Start to figure out what your average wakening resting heart rate is (there are apps that use your phone to
measure heart rate or just put your HR belt on or just put two fingers on your wrist and count the beats)! Also
start to get an idea of what your afternoon resting heart rate is (this one is more up and down as we love to pile
caffeine into our faces).

So, once you have your average resting heart rate, what does an elevated resting heart rate mean?

- body is not recovering from the previous day’s session
- sleep deprived
- mental or emotional stress
- dehydration
- body is fighting illness
- medications or stimulants

If your resting heart rate is elevated by 5-8 beats above normal, you can still train, but just decrease intensity as
you will only serve to further exacerbate what is already causing it to be elevated.

If your resting heart rate is elevated by 10 beats or higher above normal, there is something wrong. Sleep in or lie on the couch and watch Masterchef. Your body is fighting something, and training could make it much worse, and then the dreaded RED BLOCKS will start to accumulate! Clever athletes who listen to their bodies, do 
NOT get sick!

If your resting heart rate is normal and matching normal average, get your lazy bum out of bed and go train!
Green blocks are life!

And the biggest one is, if your resting heart rate is starting to get lower and lower, you can thank your coach for
making you a machine (lower resting heart rate = fitter body).

Once again, TEXT YOUR COACH, he can help you decide just how lazy you are! ;-)

That is all. Bye.